Fallen Grace

Fallen Grace by Jessica Cartwright

Almost 200 hundred years ago at 18 years old, Grace Kennedy was changed into a vampire. Since this time, she has become part of an elite group of vampires known as the protectors, who serve the Vampire Council. As a protector she is sworn to guard the Sempres and fight the Acelades. So when Grace is approached by Lucas Sempre, the head of the Vampire Council, for a special assignment she accepts no questions asked.

Alex is the 17 year old grandson of Lucas and although born of two vampires, he is human. His birth has led the Acelades to believe that an ancient prophecy will be fulfilled. They seek to kidnap Alex to be a mate for Scarlet the granddaughter of Benedict, the head of the Acelades family. To make matters worse, Alex has no idea that his family is a powerful vampire clan. Grace’s assignment is to keep Alex safe and unaware of his true identity until he reaches the age of 18. As Grace protects Alex, their relationship blurs. Grace begins to wonder if she can keep Alex safe from the Acelades and if they can be kept safe from each other?

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